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Learning Indonesian is the largest, most comprehensive Indonesian Language course available online today. We offer free basic lessons or our full Premium course, both suitable for beginners.

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We're Here to Help You Learn Indonesian About our Indonesian Lessons and Full Course Content

Audio Indonesian Lessons

Learning Indonesian is an audio course in Bahasa Indonesia, the Indonesian language.  It consists of a collection of high quality audio lessons covering very useful real-world topics.  

We designed our free program to be a small course in itself. We've seen millions of downloads of the free program and we're happy to help! The free course contains hours of great audio carefully designed to teach you some basic Indonesian. You can use it to study and learn. After using it, you'll be able to get by pretty well, even if you've never studied Indonesian before. 

A great comprehensive Indonesian language program

But we've also learned how to do more for people who want to develop real and lasting conversational skills. Many people have exceptionally important reasons to learn Indonesian. To serve this more dedicated and serious group of learners, we have put together a program that is designed to take you from zero experience through to conversational fluency. We expand and develop the simple speaking and understanding method we use in the free program and take you many levels beyond.

Small business, serious focus on Indonesian

Whether you choose our free program or the premium course, we are here to help.  This course is our small family business, we're serious about it and we're proud to help you learn.

Learning Indonesian was developed specifically for learning the Indonesian language by Shaun and Cici, your hosts, authors and language learning guides. Why is that important? From a learner's point of view, there is a significant difference between a language program developed by a large publishing company and one written and supported directly by the program authors.

Publishing companies often assign language course development and support to inexperienced course writers and staff.  This is particularly common for languages like Indonesian because they are not "big money makers" when compared to Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, etc.  As a result, Indonesian learners using these products suffer from a lack of any real investment by these companies.  The courses are just not very well done in comparison. 

Not Just a Self-study Course.  An Indonesian Learning Community.

We design all of our Indonesian learning material to work well in a self-study environment. You can learn at home, during your commute or anywhere you like, all without the need for traditional classroom instruction.

But there's something powerful and special about connecting with other language learners. What became a solitary activity can turn into a cooperative environment, giving you a much better learning experience. Members of learning communities simply do better and retain learned knowledge and skills for longer. Practicing, asking and answering questions with like-minded people is a powerful and often overlooked tool in online learning.

About the Premium Course What is right for you?

Do you need to learn basic phrases or conversational fluency? Start on the right path.

  • Starts at the beginning, Lesson 1
  • Same simple lesson style
  • In-depth lessons & exercises
  • 130+ page companion e-Book
  • Online adaptive study tool for all vocabulary
  • Instant Access. Download it right now.

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