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When we decided to release the free Indonesian language lessons, we wanted to make sure we put out a product that would stand on its own on the shelves of your library, but be free to use.

The free course you see today represents months of full-time writing, recording and audio production work. While it's mostly our own work, we invested money in web design work, technical and audio editing professionals to bring the course into existence.

We share it for free and don't require anything in return. We're happy to help people learn from our basic program.

We do ask that if you're interested in more than the basics that you consider our extensive premium program, but we never make it a requirement to purchase anything at all. We're honestly just as happy no matter what you want to learn.  It all works out in the end either way and we love teaching Indonesian!

If you do want to consider giving something for the work on the free course, we've setup a tip box on the right. We've also put together a package of most of the free lessons (up to lesson 40 at the moment), but with all of the podcast intros stripped out so you can get straight to the lesson material.  As a little thank you in return, you can download this package.

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